What do people say about Buteyko?

“… 5 months later and I haven’t taken a steroid pill and the use of Ventolin has already more than halved.”

“…The students in my classes can relax because they don’t have to breathe for me.”

” My peak flow and sats levels are still not brilliant but the fact that I can sleep at night and walk up a hill, albeit slowly, are a remarkable gift ”

DC (aged 62)

I just wanted to let you know that since taking up Buteyko, I have only used my inhaler once in what must be nearly two years. Thank you.

Elise G

I was feeling breathless, had chest pains and light-headedness, but all the tests came out normal. I was referred to a physiotherapist who taught me Buteyko and within two weeks I was able to control my breathing and felt like my old self.

John C

As her mother I saw Gabi realise that she did have some control over the asthma for probably the first time in her life. A very positive outcome Thank you!

Julie M (mother of Gabi age 12)

I came to Buteyko for help with my snoring, it did help my snoring, but what’s even better is that I haven’t had any panic attacks either.

Jessica P

I would emphasize the hope it’s given me that with Buteyko I can permanently turn around and break the vicious circle of drug dependency with this approach to management of severe asthma.

Chi P

By learning to breathe correctly I have learnt to accept and deal with COPD. I have not looked back since, and continue to maintain good control.

Di W