Buteyko Teachers

Private tuition

The Buteyko teachers listed here offer individualised private tuition to help you to quickly gain benefit from the Buteyko Breathing Techniques (BBT).  All BBA teachers have health professional qualifications, and some can offer additional  therapies such physiotherapy, osteopathy or acupuncture.

NHS Referral

The BTS/SIGN Guideline on the Management of Asthma mentions BBT as a dysfunctional breathing reduction technique which can “improve asthma symptoms, quality of life and reduce bronchodilator (blue reliever inhaler) requirement”* Doctors and asthma nurses should be familiar with this guideline and it should guide their practise. If you have  asthma you can ask your doctor or asthma nurse for a referral to see an NHS physiotherapist or nurse who has trained to teach BBT.

Find a teacher

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