Buteyko Technique

BBT (Buteyko Breathing Technique) is a Training Technique

BBT is a breathing re-education and life style management programme. Breathing re-education aims to reduce disordered breathing so the breathing pattern becomes more efficient. Techniques clear the nose, manage symptoms and reduce unnecessary coughing are also included. Lifestyle management focuses on stress reduction, maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating and exercise promotion. BBT requires commitment. This is not a ‘laying on of hands’; the technique only works if the exercises are practised.

The breathing technique can be mastered in five days according to Russian teachers who would intensively train patients to practise for several hours each day whilst remaining in hospital. After discharge, they would visit the hospital daily for sessions. A medically qualified doctor would teach patients techniques appropriate to their condition, usually on a one-to-one basis.

In the UK this approach is currently not feasible. This course is based on our experience and approach to teaching BBT to patients suffering from asthma and related breathing conditions.

For patients to succeed with BBT it is recommended that:

Patients practise for 15 -20 minutes three times every day, for a minimum of five weeks. A minimum of five hours of face to face tuition is received.

Patients with severe asthma or other problems practise four or five times each day or for several months. They may benefit from more tuition sessions.

The breathing exercise commitment is not as arduous as it sounds. The exercises are not difficult when practised correctly , in fact most people find them relaxing. Eventually the normalised breathing style becomes part of everyday life.

Current UK Teachers