Breathe Freely – Millie Fasakin

About me
I studied at the University of Southampton from 1999-2002 graduating with a BSc [Hons] in Physiotherapy.

I specialised in the respiratory field in 2004 and became interested in the Buteyko Breathing Technique as a result of working alongside Gillian Austin, President of the Buteyko Breathing Association (BBA).

I qualified as a full Buteyko practitioner in November 2009. Since training I have used the technique to treat many clients with a variety of breathing related problems. Clients have seen vast improvements in their symptoms as a direct result of practising the technique.

Millie Fasakin

I work fulltime in the NHS as a senior physiotherapist specialising in pulmonary rehabilitation and breathing disorders.  My main areas of expertise are in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary rehabilitation, asthma and chronic hyperventilation syndrome.

I can provide personalised exercise programmes for people with breathing problems and combine my Buteyko and physiotherapy training to aid the management of respiratory conditions.

I am chairperson of the BBA and have also assisted in data collection for a research project on the topic of Buteyko.

What conditions can Buteyko help with?
Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), panic disorders and snoring.

How does Buteyko Technique work?
Buteyko teaches people who have unconsciously developed an incorrect breathing pattern to control their breathing. Managing the rate and depth at which we breathe can reduce symptoms of breathlessness and anxiety by preventing hyperventilation.

The technique also addresses common associated problems of unnecessary coughing and a blocked nose.

£60 per session including provision of necessary materials.
Average number of sessions for the Buteyko techniques is 4-5.
All other conditions are £60 per session-average number of sessions is 2-5.
Often private health care can be used to cover these costs. I am registered with several private health care companies.

Contacting me
For further information about treatment of breathing problems please email me