Rachel Canning MCSP MBBA

About me
I qualified as a Physiotherapist from Liverpool School of Physiotherapy in 1991 and soon became passionate about the management of long term conditions.

Most recently I worked as Senior Physiotherapist in the NHS specialising in the management of breathing problems.

I developed my interest in the Buteyko Technique over this time seeing excellent results in a variety of conditions.

I have a specific interest in developing exercise programmes for people with breathing problems to improve confidence with exercise and to increase exercise tolerance.

I am registered with most private health care companies, including BUPA.

Rachel Canning MCSP MBBA

What can conditions can Buteyko help with?
Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), dysfunctional breathing/hyperventilation, sinus problems and snoring.

How does Buteyko work?
Buteyko teaches people to breathe correctly and to control their breathing rate both at rest and during activity. Managing the rate and depth at which we breathe can reduce symptoms of breathlessness and anxiety by preventing hyperventilation/over breathing.

Buteyko can help to prevent unnecessary coughing which can on occasions trigger the airways to produce excess sputum or unnecessary breathlessness.

Initial consultation – including progress diary/literature – £66.00
Follow up sessions – 3-4 sessions are recommended – £66.00

I am based in Hitchin, North Herts.
Parking is available nearby.

Contact details
Tel: 01462 757050 or 07540 770601

Email: rachel@physio-life.co.uk

For further information on Buteyko and other conditions I commonly treat please visit my website: www.physio-life.co.uk