Breathing Matters – Gillian Austin

About me
I qualified from Queen Margaret College Edinburgh as a physiotherapist in 1986 and began to specialise in the management of breathing problems in 1991.

I became interested in the Buteyko breathing technique some years later and qualified as a full practitioner in April 2006.

The theory of Buteyko is complementary to current physiotherapy training and is a useful adjunct to treatment.

I have been very impressed with results that can be achieved using the Buteyko technique.

I am registered with most private health care companies, including BUPA.

Gillian Austin

What can conditions can Buteyko help with?
Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), panic disorders and snoring.

How does Buteyko work?
Buteyko works by teaching people to control their breathing. With breathing control, hyperventilation can be prevented and feelings of breathless associated with hyperventilation can be helped.

Buteyko breathing can help prevent unnecessary coughing which can on occasions trigger the airways to produce excess sputum.

What conditions can physiotherapy help with?
As well as teaching the Buteyko technique, I also specialise in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary rehabilitation and the chronic hyperventilation syndrome.

I can provide suitable exercise programmes for people with breathing problems who would like to get fit.

I can combine the skills of physiotherapy and Buteyko in the management of all respiratory conditions including exercise induced asthma and breathlessness management.

£60 per session including Buteyko literature/diary and CD and/or an exercise diary.
Average number of sessions for the Buteyko techniques is 4-5.

All other conditions are £60 per session-average number of sessions is 2-5.
In most situations private health care can be used to cover these costs.

Further information

For further information about therapy for breathing problems please email me